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Posted by on September 6, 2013



Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania (nice and quiet, post-Labor Day)


Bright and sunny.


Biked to dinner near an old silk mill in Hawley, PA.


“Ledges” waterfall and stone gorge.


Shortcut home from dinner.


Gravel back road to Honesdale, PA


R + R crossing.


Destination: Day’s bakery….
doughnuts, eclair, pepperoni bread, spinach & cheese bread and farmer’s bread.


Dinner for two.. (crappy food, but good company).

11 Responses to 90513

  1. Jennifer McDougall

    Looks like you picked a great place to celebrate!!!
    I hope Ohio will make it on your travel schedule this year!

    • Renee

      I wish we could magically transport ourselves to Ohio.. We’d love to see everyone! Say HI to your mom for us…!

  2. joe Wilcoxen

    You guys are entirely having too much fun. Any room on that boat for me?

  3. Joe Wilcoxen

    You guys are ahving entirely too much fun! Any room on that boat for me?

    • Renee

      Uhhhh… It was a pretty small boat that rented. Next time you visit we’ll get a pontoon party boat!!

  4. Gina

    It is heartwarming to see your lovely smiles and creative photos! xoxo

  5. Michael Zimbard

    Happy anniversary!!!! Love the 3D “15 year” render. You guys look very happy and relaxed! Hope it’s a great weekend of celebrating!

    • Renee

      MZ: I totally lifted that image off the internet.. ha! Thanks for your happy wishes. BTW we should be back in NYC soon…

  6. Celeste Jones

    Wow! 15 years is “forever” by todays’ standards! Many congratulations and looks like you both found a lovely way to celebrate. I thought back on my life at the 15th…maybe I’ll look at some old photos tomorrow! Thanks for being inspirational…..

    • Renee

      You always say the nicest things! If you do look through old photos, you must email me one!

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