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HH: just another Friday

Posted by on April 6, 2013

Hilton Head is awesome! Biked 18 miles yesterday, and 17 today. Cool and rainy weather hasn’t stopped us… Here at the Harbour Town Lighthouse.


Only 114 steps up.


Pretty nice view for an overcast day….


Cousin Katie alerted us to Frosty Frogs… Pond Water is good!!


We hit the bike path after sunset. // Hilton Head has 55 miles of bike paths! Plus, the beach is bikable. Awesome!


This would be the first picture of a ‘bike & bite’ entry, but in a lack of restraint, we didn’t take any pictures of the seafood appetizer, caesar salad, wild alaskan salmon or the duck with a cabernet raspberry reduction.  Whoops.  Anyway, we sat outside of this restaurant overlooking Shelter Cove Harbour, with our bikes sitting right next to us. 


Along the bike path heading home in the dark.


On the way back tonight, we followed the bike path down a new road. It was dark and quiet. We laughed about what an adventure it was to randomly bike in one direction, having no idea where you’re headed. Eventually the bike path ended, and we followed the quiet road. Then the pavement ended, and we were on the Hilton Head equivalent of a dirt road… a sand road! It got tough to pedal our road tires through these conditions, and it started feeling like we weren’t going to get out of there! Quiet wooded back roads… sparsely populated… no street lights… just our imagination to contend with. The devil is in the details. We saw one teenager biking, then the road looped around back to the paved road and our bike path. We were happy to survive.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.42.28 PM

This photo is from google maps street view. It looks very innocent in the daylight….

3 Responses to HH: just another Friday

  1. Joe

    Sounds like a Stephen King story. Eerie!

  2. Celeste

    So glad you survived the back woods of South Carolina!!! At night no less….
    We always loved Hilton Head area especially before the summer crowds…the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston is great if you have time….

  3. Stefan

    Good thing you know how to take care of yourself…Lulu and I would have been freaked out:)

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